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Past Versions

Version 4 : Used Wemo emulator code library but proved to be unreliable.

Version 5.1 : First released version using IFTTT and hghst.net:9443 server

Version 5.2 : More resilient than 5.1 with additional features and the 'myWevolor' website

Version 5.3 : An improved way of receiving commands that makes it quicker to respond.

Version 5.4 : Includes a 'security phrase' and the ability to lock the Wevolor down if you intend to use only on your local WiFi network

Current Version

Version 5.4.1 : NEW - expanded and updated instructions. Siri/iPhone shortcut, IFTTT and other connection methods.

Is There a Subscription Required to Run my Wevolor?

The Wevolor communicates with a messaging server which sits between IFTTT and the device. There's cost I have to cover to host that, and that is increasing as more users get devices. While I don't ask users to sign up to a subscription, a small contribution periodically to help me pay for that will always be appreciated.

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Many thanks, Roger.