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Wevolor ESP32 device gives Levolor blinds and shades home automation

Introducing The Wevolor

Home automation for motorized Levolor blinds and shades

The Wevolor is a WiFi enabled device for controlling Levolor window shades and blinds via a Bluetooth connection to the Levolor Premium 6-channel Remote.

Note: LEVOLOR recently announced their solution for automation. A Hub, new 15-channel remote and new phone app. I suggest you take a look on their website. I plan to continue supporting Wevolor for existing users. Wevolor requires the 6-channel remote and has not been tested with the 15-channel. The Levolor hub is not required for Wevolor to operate.

Note 2: Alexa is reporting support of IFTTT will stop Oct 31, 2023. IFTTT are saying they will work it out with Amazon. If support does stop, all Wevolor devices connected to Alexa via IFTTT will stop working. At this time no alternative has been identified.

The Wevolor is code running on a small home-automation device which recognizes actions from If-this-then-that(IFTTT), and executes them through the Levolor remote. IFTTT can be triggered by many home automation hubs and devices such as Amazon Echo(Alexa) and Google Home etc.

The Wevolor is securely paired with a messaging server which handles the IFTTT processing, and requiring no ports to be opened or special settings on your local WiFi network.

The Wevolor is an inexpensive solution for controlling your blinds with voice commands. In my experience it's most useful for enabling Alexa/IFTTT/Google Home to 'automagically' close at sunset and open at 7am, etc. Good for everyday, and especially useful for security when you're away from home.

Why did you write the Wevolor code?

Like most people reading this I wanted my new blinds to be automated. I thought I'd bought blinds which supported automation, and indeed the 6-channel remote gives some, but it's not what I was looking for.

More information on how the Wevolor came about is if you are interested.

What if I want to try The Wevolor?

As a reminder, Wevolor works with Levolor blinds and shades and requires the Levolor Premium 6-Channel Remote. Each 6-channel Remote you own requires a Wevolor to pair with it. Some considerations are listed :

Build a Wevolor

If you have some technical skills, or want to grow them, you can buy an ESP32(I use these), you can get the Arduino IDE for programming the ESP32(1), and you can download this remote-loader project and load it on the board(2). This is the most cost effective route if you are willing to spend a little time.

Build a Wevolor

Buy a Wevolor

If you don't want to load your own board, but you're interested in trying 'The Wevolor' I have some I can supply.

Buy a Wevolor

Is There a Subscription Required to Run my Wevolor?

The Wevolor communicates with a messaging server which sits between IFTTT and the device. There's cost I have to cover to host that, and that is increasing as more users get devices. While I don't ask users to sign up to a subscription, a small contribution periodically to help me pay for that will always be appreciated.

Contact Me

Whether building, buying, or working on your own solution, I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me at contact e-mail.