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Note: LEVOLOR recently announced their solution for automation. A Hub, new 15-channel remote and new phone app. I suggest you take a look on their website. I plan to continue supporting Wevolor for existing users (like myself). For now I also plan to continue supplying new Wevolors to users. Wevolor requires the 6-channel remote and has not been tested with the 15-channel. The Levolor hub is not required for Wevolor to operate.

If you want to get your own ESP32 board and install the Wevolor code see the guide.

If you prefer to buy a Wevolor pre-loaded I have a few I can supply. The board with the Wevolor code will be all ready to go. You will need to supply a micro-USB power supply which you may have already, or they are readily available to buy online.

The board is housed in a custom printed plastic enclosure.

Wevolor enclosure
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power supply 1A @ 5VRemember you will need to find a Micro-USB power supply. I'm afraid I don't have any to provide. Either a regular USB power brick and a cable, or a dedicated micro-USB power supply will work.
I find these work well. Whatever you use, make sure it's good for at least 1A @ 5V.

Is There a Subscription Required to Run my Wevolor?

The Wevolor communicates with a messaging server which sits between IFTTT and the device. There's cost I have to cover to host that, and that is increasing as more users get devices. While I don't ask users to sign up to a subscription, a small contribution periodically to help me pay for that will always be appreciated.

Alternatively you can Buy-Me-A-Coffee


If you want to buy your own ESP32 board and install the Wevolor code see the guide