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Buy a Wevolor

If you want to get your own ESP32 board and install the Wevolor code see the guide.

If you prefer to buy a Wevolor pre-loaded I have a few I can supply. The board with the Wevolor code will be all ready to go. You will need to supply a micro-USB power supply which you may have already, or they are readily available to buy online.

The board is housed in a custom printed plastic enclosure.

Wevolor enclosure
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power supply 1A @ 5VRemember you will need to find a Micro-USB power supply. I'm afraid I don't have any to provide. Either a regular USB power brick and a cable, or a dedicated micro-USB power supply will work.
I find these work well. Whatever you use, make sure it's good for at least 1A @ 5V.

Is There a Subscription Required to Run my Wevolor?

The Wevolor communicates with a messaging server which sits between IFTTT and the device. There's cost I have to cover to host that, and that is increasing as more users get devices. While I don't ask users to sign up to a subscription, a small contribution periodically to help me pay for that will always be appreciated.

Alternatively you can Buy-Me-A-Coffee


If you want to buy your own ESP32 board and install the Wevolor code see the guide